— Mohammed Marzookh Farook & Ananya Rao, LINCS Junior Research Analysts — If you’ve ever listened in on a technical conversation between computer scientists, you might’ve heard them refer to something called an API. What exactly is an API? Let’s break it down. An application is any software that performs a distinct function. Microsoft Excel […]

— Basil Yusuf, LINCS computer science co-op — LINCS is using ResearchSpace as a platform for exploring relationships in interlinked cultural datasets. With ResearchSpace, researchers can browse, search, and visualize data in the LINCS datastore. In summer 2022, I was part of a team that was developing new features for LINCS’s version of ResearchSpace. Our […]

Researching and Designing for Actionability

  • LINCS Project
  • February 10, 2023

— Jordan Lum, LINCS UX co-op — The UX team has been conducting user research on LINCS tools to get them ready to move from development to production. So far, we have completed card sorts, usability tests, surveys, and interviews. This research has provided us with a wealth of information. However, if we want to […]