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OpenRefine Workshops

LINCS recommends OpenRefine for researchers who want to clean and reconcile structured data (e.g., spreadsheets) in preparation for creating Linked Open Data (LOD). OpenRefine is free and easy to learn, and it is a powerful tool for changing and augmenting data.

LINCS offers many opportunities for learning OpenRefine.


To participate in a workshop, you must have the most recent version of OpenRefine installed and need to download some sample files to work with. Check out the OpenRefine workshops materials page for instructions.

Upcoming OpenRefine Workshops

There are no OpenRefine workshops upcoming at this time. Contact us to register your interest in future workshops.

Past Events

Previous workshops took place in October 2023, December 2023, and January 2024.

Watch a recording of a previous workshop here. Check out the OpenRefine workshops materials page to download the files you need to follow along with the workshop.


Can’t attend an upcoming workshop? No workshops on the horizon? Want to learn at your own pace? Check out the LINCS OpenRefine tool page for more information about using OpenRefine, including links to the OpenRefine user manual and LINCS-recommended learning resources. If you would like to attend an OpenRefine workshop but there is no information posted about upcoming sessions, contact us.