Making Connections

Led by Janelle Jenstad

LINCS will shine light on the dark matter of history: the hidden and unexpected connections between people, places, events, and cultural works across time, space, and media.

Currently, the ability to ask large questions of digitized cultural datasets is hampered by the lack of good metadata that connects primary sources to contexts: when they were written, by whom, where, how, and why. LINCS will allow researchers to engage with digital archives’ content and context simultaneously. That deeply contextualized understanding is fundamental to answering big questions like how social discrimination persists despite formal equality, or what policies and practices fuel the creative economy.

A major aim of LINCS is to bring together overlapping datasets across multiple academic and linguistic fields. LINCS will bridge the two solitudes of linguistically divided cultural datasets as never before, partnering with the scholarly platform Érudit on French Canadian ontology development and on mobilizing LOD for scholarly ends.

Beyond academia, the interconnectivity LINCS creates will propel Canadian culture to greater prominence on the Web, provide deep contextualization to search results, and give journalists, schoolchildren, and the public better access to quality knowledge sources.