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The LINCS API ( exposes secure functionality to authorized LINCS users and applications. However, there are open endpoints available too like querying the LINCS knowledge graph. It also acts as a gateway to other LINCS services like NER and entity linking. Details for the project can be found on the project repository in GitLab by following the link below.

Using the API

Users of the LINCS API:

  • Need to come with their own dataset
  • Need to have a LINCS account for some of the endpoints
  • Need an understanding of how to make requests to a REST API (in any language) and work with JSON responses

LINCS-API supports the following inputs and outputs:

  • Input: TEI/XML, plain text, and JSON
  • Output: JSON, Web Annotations (in JSON-LD)

Please view the OpenAPI Contract for details and examples on using the individual endpoints.


Information about the team that developed LINCS-API is available on the Tool Credits page.