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LINCS connects millions of cultural heritage data points in its storage infrastructure, the triplestore.

This growing collection currently covers literary and performance history, geohumanities, London and the British empire, material and textual cultures, and resistant epistemologies.

Explore LINCS Data

Explore ResearchSpace, a LINCS tool that lets you browse, search and visualize data.

More Ways to Access LINCS Data

LINCS provides a variety of tools to browse, search, and visualize data.

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Browsing tools allow you to browse the entire LINCS collection or the contents of a single dataset. Browsing allows you to chance upon unexpected connections and relationships, and it is a great way to start exploring, especially if you’re new to Linked Open Data (LOD).

Browsing Tools

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Searching tools allow you to search for a specific person, organization, place, event, or creative work. Use a basic keyword search or pose complex semantic questions using SPARQL.

Search Tools

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Visualization tools allow you to represent your data in a variety of graphic forms. These make for engaging presentations of data and can reveal new relationships and narratives in datasets. Visualizations can include knowledge graphs, timelines, word clouds, maps, charts, and more.

Visualization Tools

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