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A taxonomy identifies hierarchical relationships among concepts within a domain. A taxonomy categorizes items within a single dimension: high-level categories are broken down into sub-categories, and then into further sub-categories in a branching but linear fashion, all the way down to an individual entity. A taxonomy does not represent relationships across categories, only hierarchically.

DescribesConcepts (content) and the relationships between them (structure), including axioms and restrictionsHierarchical relationships among concepts, and specifies the term to be used to refer to eachHierarchical and non-hierarchical relationships among conceptsGeneral term for a collection of concepts (words) to do with a domain
RelationshipsTyped hierarchical and associativeBasically hierarchical, but all modeled using same notationUntyped hierarchical, associative, and equivalenceUnspecified (abstract concept)
PropertiesRDFS defines relationship properties and restrictionsNoneCan be described in scope notes if requiredUnspecified (abstract concept)
StructuredNetworkTreeCross-branch treeUnspecified (abstract concept)


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