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The Linked Editing Academic Framework (LEAF) is a virtual research environment that offers unique opportunities for researchers to incorporate Linked Open Data (LOD)a generation into their scholarly workflows based on a general understanding and limited technical knowledge. LEAF features an enhanced and expanded collaborative editorial platform that supports a variety of digital scholarly projects, enabling scholars to create, publish, and preserve digital editions, born-digital scholarship, digital collections, and virtual exhibits of texts, images, audio files, and videos.


LEAF and LEAF-Writer create an accessible on-ramp for researchers to generate Linked Data (LD) from metadata, text, and prosopographical information to contribute to the Semantic Web. LEAF users are able to push to LINCS LD based on their projects’ metadata, markup, and annotations.


Users of LEAF:

  • Do not need to come with their own dataset
  • Do not need to create a user account
  • Do not need to have technical knowledge

LEAF supports the following inputs and outputs:

  • Input: TEI-XML, PDF, Transkribus-generated XML, direct data creation, and various multimedia formats
  • Output: XML, Web Annotations, RDF metadata records, preservation packages, and all incoming media formats

Information about the team that developed LEAF VRE is available on the Tool Credits page.