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NERVE is an application that performs Named Entity Recognition (NER), allowing users new to Linked Open Data (LOD) to find and reconcile entities in a document. NERVE suggests relevant Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) for entities, so users can reconcile data to an authority in order to turn it into LOD.

Contribute to LINCS

Interested in creating Linked Open Data and publishing it in the LINCS triplestore? See Publish Data with LINCS for more information.


Users of NERVE:

  • Do not need to come with their own dataset
    • Since NERVE opens with a preloaded example, users need to upload their own text if they wish to perform NER on their own work.
  • Need to create a GitLab or GitHub account
  • Do not need to have technical knowledge

NERVE supports the following inputs and outputs:

  • Input: XML
  • Output: To be determined

Information about the team that developed NERVE is available on the Tool Credits page.