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SPARQL Endpoint

The SPARQL Endpoint is an endpoint that allows you to query the data in the LINCS triplestore. The endpoint is capable of processing simple or complex SPARQL queries to search for and retrieve data.

SPARQL Endpoint and LINCS

At LINCS, researchers can use the SPARQL Endpoint to query data from their own project, from other projects within LINCS, and from other endpoints (e.g., The Getty Research Institute).

By querying data, you can ask specific research questions across multiple datasets, visualize and further explore data in ResearchSpace, and export and then import data into other visualization tools. For more information about constructing queries, see our SPARQL explanation.


Users of the SPARQL Endpoint:

  • Do not need to come with their own dataset
  • Do not need a user account
  • Need a basic understanding of SPARQL

The SPARQL Endpoint supports the following inputs and outputs:

  • Input: SPARQL query
  • Output: Results of query as JSON or in a table which can be exported as a CSV


To learn more about the SPARQL Endpoint, see the following resources:


Other SPARQL Endpoints:

Information about the team that developed the SPARQL Endpoint is available on the Tool Credits page.